A lot of people want to unlock their ultimate potential but lack the strategy, support and stamina necessary to achieve their major goals.  

I was one of them.  I'm Jerome and I remember how sad I became at the end of every football season when I saw the look in my players eyes. Each of them wondering if they had reached the peak of their respective lives. I begged each of them to not let being a high school football player be their biggest accomplishment.

From the outside looking in everything in my world was going to plan. My career was attached to a rocket. I was already making over 100 k and I just finished my MBA at night.
I'd married my college sweetheart a few years earlier and our first daughter was happy and healthy.
I had money in the bank, a huge house, my dream car and the ability to travel out of the country regularly but on the inside I was empty.
I think most of us are like that.
We are silently asking ourselves is this all there is to life?
I finally started to ask this question to some of my friends and I realized that almost all of us were having a similar experience.  

I had the benefit of the "trappings" of success...

But many of my friends were struggling and often trying to overcome the challenges by trying to do it on their own causing frustration, fatigue and eventually failure.

It was here that I realized it wasn't just those 18-year olds that had those questions.

I needed to fix this... I needed to find the answers

So, I launched into a full on self development assault...

I searched tirelessly for the keys to happiness and success.  
I listened to 1,000s of hours of audiobooks, podcast and videos.  
I voraciously read books, journals and magazine articles in hopes of finding answers.  

I had a hunch and in my research I began to see it become more and more true.

We have developed The Model for a Centered Life, a/k/a The Red Pill, to help them bolster their beliefs, gain clarity on their path to success, and provide accountability as they take action on their goals.

When they take the Red Pill, they rapidly accelerate attainment of their goals and begin to experience a life of significance and impact. 

So you may be wondering if you would fit in the Tribe
DreamCatchers is for you if…
  • You are asking if this all their is to life
  • You have outgrown your circle of friends
  • You want access to peak performance development
  • ​You want a high performing accountability based support system
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